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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Human capital has no bounds whether geographical or physical. A nation or a company harnessing the best quality of human capital are bound to succeed. This forms a part of the human capital formation. But sometimes, many companies find it difficult to manage this form of capital. Pace HR Consulting LLP has expertise in providing customized solutions that are timeless and has no geographical boundaries. Our company has solutions to easily manage human resource operations for the different clients.

Under this service of recruitment process outsourcing our in-house team members have taken the entire responsibility of the HR operations of our clients. The various HR Operations that are taken care of are Resume Management, Screening Management, Interview Scheduling, On Boarding facilities etc. The best part of our company is the both on-site and off-site deployment of the team members. This helps in managing the client hiring needs as per their culture and structure.

Our experience of a decade in this HR industry helps us understand the client world and client culture. As a result, this gives the company a leverage in recruiting and assessing the right kind of candidates for the HR process. The commitment in building a sustainable manpower structure has made the company build strong relationships with the clients.

We are engulfed to present a substantial model of “Pay per success” which proposes zero liability on clients. According to the model of “pay per success” the client is not at all liable for any fixed amount but can pay only when the prospective candidate joins the organization. This helps the client deal with the model and have a trusted relationship with our company Pace HR Consulting LLP.

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